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Ulaanbaatar Buk JSC


               “ULAANBAATAR BUK” JSC was founded in 1984 as a state factory named “Building Production Industrial Complex”. At that time our company contributed to the building construction in the central region and big cities supplying concrete and prefabricated reinforced concrete products to Darkhan, Erdenet, providing around 70% of the Ulaanbaatar apartment constructions. 

Our company was privatized in 1998 and today it operates as an open joint-stock company registered on the Mongolian Stock Exchange. Since 2006, we have set the goal of redeveloping our production activities, and today we have the full potential to provide high-tech design products for the development of the road transport and infrastructure sectors in addition to the construction sector.

At present, in addition to equipment with modern technological solutions, 1,345 meters of own railway, high-capacity bridge cranes, quality control laboratory with semi-automatic measurements, a complex production base with an organization that ensures the interconnection of technologies, and professional engineers and technicians, the production of products is relatively cheap according to quality standards.

We conduct regular research on the necessary products of the construction, road transport, and infrastructure sectors. While producing them from domestic raw materials, we regularly cooperate with the production of products with special requirements according to customer orders.

 The total area of ​​the factory is 140,000 m2

The construction area of ​​the factory is 25,000 m2

Administrative building area - 6,000m2

Open area of ​​finished products-42,000m2

Private railway-1,345m


We prioritize safety and deliver international standard value to our customers with new technology solutions.


As a leader in the construction and infrastructure industry, we will make a significant contribution to the development and progress of Mongolia.


Products: We value "product quality" and continuously improve our products and services.

Customer: We "listen to our customers" and work to meet their needs.

Company employee: We are always the best.